Research shows improved confidence, balance and stability in older adults who dance!
Dance and the arts can provide successful antidotes to health problems for older adults, proving best way to keep older adults on their feet and help joint pain and keeping healthy bones.
For the older adults dance ticks all the boxes for keeping active.   Dance4Health provides a social purpose and can help you to stay healthy, energetic, mobile and independent.
 60+ Barre is delivered by fully qualified dance teachers trained in Classical Ballet.  Equipped to adapt and modify exercises for EVERYbody.
Embrace the joy of dance and the benefits that come with it!

60+ LeBarre

Hone Ballet and Pilates principles and techniques, striving to improve balance, co-ordination, memory, rhythm, core strength, confidence and over all physical health.

*Danielle’s Goal*
“Fall prevention is at the front of my mind, making sure the body is in the correct alingment. Classical Ballet positions require pulling up through the pelvic floor to improve core strength, flexibility and muscle tone. My goal is to help build overall confidence ie, balance, co-ordination and rhythm through dance”


Dance4Health is open, fun and accessible! Health authorities have long known the arts can play a valuable role in the physical and mental wellbeing of older people. Building co-ordination, balance, confidence, rhythm and new friendships!