Join us for classic Le Barre specifically tailored to mummies to be and mummies and their little ones! 

Barre is a fantastic workout for women of any trimester and new mothers - it is a low impact exercise which helps to create, maintain and slowly build muscle tone without straining yourself or the baby.

We will concentrate on your pelvic floor, posture, alignment and stretching.  

Each Mummy will experience different changes emotionally through hormones and physical changes, we are here to help you along your journey and keep your bodies moving! 


Mummies to be!

Our Pre-Natal class is uniquely tailored to provide a safe and effective workout throughout pregnancy, prepare your mind and body for giving birth while also reduce recovery time! 

We will pay close attention to you in class. If needed, our Trainers will adapt and modify all movements to suit each member personally, to their trimester and personal requirements. Bèbè will also focus on your balance, your body is going through so many changes, and the more your bump grows, the more it will shift and affect your balance! We've got your back girls, literally! 

Working out during pregnancy can be daunting and scary, but exercise throughout pregnancy is widely proven to be beneficial for mummy and baby! 

Our class will help you control weight gain, strengthen your pelvic floor, increase your energy, reduce stress and aid in better sleeping patterns!


The Bèbè class will help you get back into ( or start! ) your workout routine safely after welcoming your little one into the world! 

Throughout your pregnancy journey your body will have been through many changes ( something we are sure you may have noticed along the way! ) and your posture and core strength are elements that are greatly affected. From your balance changing, and growing a tiny baby human in your tummy, you will have increased pressure on your back & spine, abdominal muscles and more!  If this isn't corrected, it is something that can carry into the postpartum period.

Our trainers will focus specifically on aiding your postpartum recovery, concentrating on improving circulation and strength to your pelvic floor, helping you regain balance and the correct posture, stretching and elongating, strengthening and toning your body. 

Help us help you while bonding with your baby and other new mummies! 

For your safety we do advise waiting until after your 6 week check up before coming to class. 


Tight-fitting clothing is advisable as this allows your instructor to assess your form and alignment and guide you for the best results. But please wear breathable activewear that you feel comfortable in. Comfort is key!  

Pilates socks must be worn (for comfort and safety). If you don't have your own you can purchase our Point Studio collection at the beginning of any class.


No crèche? No problem! Bring your baby along too! 

Prams can be parked at the back of the studio during class so you are never far from your essentials!